Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Mähmet went Facebook...

Dear all,

sorry for not being that active in the past - maybe I check into facebook too often, you might want to have a look and join me: Mähmet Jolly Mäh on facebook!

Drop me a line!

Your's, Mähmet


  1. You know I follow your facebook too, but don't abandon your blog, please!!!

  2. Please continue with your nice blog!
    I like the Tiramähsu picture and the Supermäh video is amazing! It's a classic :)

    Maybe you would like to visit me back

  3. My dear friend, you've got a prize in my blog!!!! Congratulations :)

  4. Yesyes, keep the sheep dancing!
    My Jolly Mah Rosa is an amateur still..